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A dentist is a professional who has earned a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) degree. These dentists in Mulgrave are tasked with treating majorly teeth & mouth-related issues, even though they might be knowledgeable in some other areas of medicine. 

We know the vital role our teeth play in our appearance and the implications of not caring for them. However, even in this specialty of medicine, there are other sub-specialties that these doctors specialize in. 

There are about seven different types of dental professionals, and in this article, we will briefly highlight each of them. We would also be discussing what their specialties are. 

  1. Generalist 

This type of dentist provides routine dental services such as examinations and cleaning. They are very much the ones you would meet for your regular checkups. 

Most trained experts would still stick to routine hygiene and restorative oral care. However, they still offer a wide range of services such as oral cancer screenings, gum treatments, white fillings, bridges, veneers, and implants. 

In some cases, they’d also refer you to the other specialists on this list when necessary. 

  1. Pedodontists 

This specialist can also be referred to as a pediatric dentist. They specialize mainly in the treatment of kids and teens. 

It is normal for kids to have a sense of fear and be anxious when visiting a dental office. These specialists understand children and use many unique techniques to ease their anxiety or pain.

They can also very much understand kids that have special needs too.

  1. Orthodontists

An orthodontist is a dentist that specializes in teeth and jaw alignment. They are very knowledgeable about the practice of realigning and fixing up the arrangement of the teeth. 

They use devices such as braces, wires, and retainers.

  1. Periodontists

If you need a dentist specializing in gums treatment, it’s a periodontist you’re looking for. Even though a general dental professional would offer preventive treatment for gum disease, periodontitis specializes in the treatment. 

They treat everything, including tissue damage and progressive gum diseases.

  1. Endodontists

These dental specialists are the ones that deal with tooth nerves. They specialize in tooth canal treatment which usually occurs when there’s a decay in a tooth nerve. 

These nerves are inside the tooth and can be infected when cavities get to them

Apart from the excruciating pain they cause, the death of the nerve can also affect the bone and supporting tissues beneath the teeth.

  1. Prosthodontists

These specialists are experts in the cosmetic side of oral care. You can refer to one as a cosmetic dentist. They repair teeth and jaw bones and fix dentures, bridges, and crowns. There’s even the teeth whitening and rendering part too. 

Their job is basically to improve the appearance of your teeth.

  1. Oral Pathologists And Surgeons

An oral surgeon or oral pathologist is a dentist who is an expert in treating oral diseases. They would most likely treat anything that affects the jaw. 

They sometimes work with ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialists.

We have just listed the various types of dental experts and their specialties. We hope we have passed on enough information for you to be able to choose the right kind of dentist to meet your needs. Thank you. 

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