Laws are rules and regulations that are formed by the government of a nation for its citizens to follow. Law for any country is not an option it is a necessity. Law ensures a crime-free society and protects every citizen of a country. There is this segment of people who have different perspectives about some laws. They view them as hurdles to lead a free life. But there is no second thought on the fact that strict enforcement of laws is necessary to protect the rights of people. Here are some of the countries with very strict laws.


North Korea

North Korea is the only country in the world that is entirely Communist. The country even has restrictions on accepting tourists. They do not allow tourists from South Korea and The United States. Everything in the country is controlled by the administration. Even the media has to play their rules. The government has strict dating policies to ensure the sanctity of the relationship. They have a dedicated force called the Dating Police to monitor it. They also have strict fashion rules that men should cut hair every fifteen days and women should not wear pants.

North Korea


The laws of the Islamic state are very much based on the religion. This is called the Sharia Law. There are a lot of restrictions in the country which also include protests against the government. Even a single statement against the government will result in capital punishment. There are strict laws against the use of social media platforms and video streaming applications.  Men are not allowed to have haircuts that are prohibited by the religion. Women are allowed to come out only with hijab. Western music is strictly not allowed. Alcohol is highly discouraged for both men and women.



This might a huge surprise for many people. It is because this is probably the first time that many are hearing this name. The country is located above Africa. It is ruled by President Isaias Afewerki. He became the president of the country in the year 1993. They have complete control over the media and a lot of other things. The approval of the government is a must before every broadcast. They are very strict when it comes to religion. Public worship is strictly banned, and for a person to follow a certain religion there is a registration process that needs to be done.


Equatorial Guinea

One the weirdest laws Equatorial Guinea is that people are discouraged when it comes to learning. The whole country does not house a bookstore. Tourism is also very low as foreigners are not allowed in the country. The entire media of the country is controlled by the government. The foreigners who step in their soil are closely monitored by the officials. They are not allowed to take pictures or videos of the prevailing situation.

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