How Men Safely Navigate Recommended Hair Loss Treatments

Men will see that hair loss treatments can feel like a dime a dozen. What is supposed to work and will there be any guarantees attached? Thankfully there are some strategies that will be effective from case to case, allowing men to think about this subject with a greater level of care, insight and patience.

Don’t Take Anecdotal Advice on Face Value

Having open and honest conversations about hair loss treatments is a positive step to take. Close friends, family members and even colleagues can be great points of reference when navigating what to use and under what conditions to use it. With this being said, it is beneficial not to take anecdotal evidence at face value, whether the information is positive or negative about a particular approach. Take the feedback on advice and then take the time to cross-reference and consult on the subject, because there are too many men who can be easily influenced about this decision based on what they hear, what they read or what they see.

Recognise That Hair Loss is Attributed to Multiple Factors

When men want to survey the options with hair loss treatments, it is important to know from the outset that the root cause of the problem is not always attributed to the same factor. Depending on the individual, this is an issue that can be tied to genetics, alopecia, stress, depression, high blood pressure, cancer and a range of other components. If there are men who take a one-size-fits-all approach to this issue, they might find that the results won’t be what was expected and that there will need to be a more long-term analysis to rule in and rule out certain attributing factors.

Identify a Trusted Trichologist

Treatments for hair loss

Men won’t be short of options when it comes to hair loss treatments. The best sellers of products and treatments will make their brand visible across the market and while they might offer a sound solution, who is there to talk to about what is effective, where to find value for money and what to avoid where possible? Thankfully there are niche specialists in this medical field known as trichologists. Their experience, expertise and credentials allows practitioners to work through tried and tested formulas as they run through calculated reporting and testing. As an ongoing point of contact with this project, they are the right people to be dealing with.

Work Within a Budget Framework

A major concern that men will have as they scan the market for hair loss treatments is keeping a tight control over their budget. The bigger the spend, the bigger the risk and the greater the weight placed on the exercise. It can cause clients to lose patience and discard treatment options because they have not outlined a workable budget. This is where constituents need to stop, take stock and identify what is affordable in the short to medium term.

Have an Open Mind

While men will have very definitive opinions about hair loss treatments and what is intended to be more “masculine” strategies than others, it is most important to keep an open mind about what treatments will actually deliver results in this context. From changes to diet to include more protein, vitamins and minerals to rubbing green tea into the roots of the scalp, massaging the hair with essential oils and making changes to brushing behaviours, it is critical that constituents don’t close off certain avenues that can produce results.


Men are on safe ground with hair loss treatments when they continue to cross-reference information and consult with specialists as they navigate a variety of treatment options. Don’t rush the process because results won’t be guaranteed overnight, but stick with these principles first and foremost.

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