efficient custom sheep yards

Handling a large stock is not easy, particularly when you lack enough workmanship and resources. However, this changes when you incorporate a well-designed sheep yard to ensure the sheep are comfortable and easy to control. Good custom sheep yards enable sheep to move around with ease and help you handle them better.

Handlers know how difficult it is to get sheep to move from one area to the other. But with a well-done yard, the sheep get to move freely whenever you want them to. Doing this often eliminates hiring so many handlers to perform the task of one person and probably a dog. Let us discuss clever ways to construct efficient custom sheep yards.

Tips for Constructing Custom Sheep Yards

Invest Wisely in the Infrastructure

A good sheep yard needs a wise investment towards the infrastructure. Doing this helps the stock live better and the staff can handle their duties efficiently. Therefore, spending a good sum of money to achieve the best infrastructure is essential.  The yard arrangement involves draft modules, catchers, ramps, gates, pens, panels, and races. These constituents provide a foundation for passages to cover every base. You can always change the arrangement and develop it to your liking.

Bring in the Experts 

Designing a functional sheep yard is not easy. You will need to integrate outside expertise to ensure they handle the project proficiently. While you may have sufficient experience setting up custom sheep yards, having experts tackle the groundwork is essential. These professionals have seen and handled similar cases before. Hence, they have acquired sufficient expertise on how to go about developing the best structures for homeowners. They can also offer excellent advice and recommendations on the strategies to apply to deliver quality results that last a long time.

Involve Regulatory Agencies

When designing custom sheep yards, it is essential to incorporate evaluation from public and private organizations. Involving regulatory bodies from the beginning of the project helps oversee everything. You should not wait until something happens to get them involved. The institutions help regulate the provisions necessary for handling, managing, and taking care of sheep in the yards. Therefore, seeking their advice from the initial phase of the project enables people to conduct the operation legally until completion.

Obstacle Removal

Before starting on constructing custom sheep yards, it is ideal to assess the area and get rid of the underlying obstacles. Failure to do this can cause disappointment midway through the project when an obstacle presents itself. Therefore, it is essential to plan by assessing the area and removing any obstacles that might hinder the construction of these yards.

Leave Extra Space for Expansion

Laying out a plan for your custom sheep yards includes the size of the environment. However, it is essential to leave additional space for unforeseen events and expansion. With time, your stock is bound to increase. This means that there will be minimum space for sheep to move around. That is why leaving extra space for development is ideal.

Train the Staff

After setting up your ideal custom sheep yards, training the handlers and everyone involved is essential. As mentioned, having a well-constructed sheep yard eliminates the need for hiring a lot of staff to handle sheep. The yards enable the sheep to move swiftly, and the handlers have ample time to control the stock.

However, this should not hinder you from providing the necessary training to the operators. Under-trained operators and handlers can cause multiple errors in the process of handling sheep. As a result, you spend more to restore normalcy. Training them provides the opportunity to know the staff who can feed, handle, administer treatment, shear, and control the stock.

Good custom sheep yards ensure the stock move freely and live happily. They are also essential to enable proper handling of the sheep.

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