When designing a new kitchen, there are many components that you have to consider, and kitchen splashbacks are one of them. Some people do not even know what kitchen splashbacks are or what they do, however they should as they are a very important component to a kitchen with various benefits attached to them. Although it may not seem to have a function much like a benchtop or cupboards, they definitely serve an important purpose that can keep your kitchen functioning well and clean.

If you are currently designing your kitchen or you are looking to upgrade it, kitchen splashbacks are definitely something that you should look into.

Here are some of the benefits of using kitchen splashbacks in your home.

It adds character

There isn’t a lot in a kitchen that is as customizable as kitchen splashbacks.

Kitchen splashbacks are able to be customised in a way that can reflect your personality and add some character to your kitchen. This can be done by changing it to a certain colour, design, pattern or an image. This allows you to represent yourself as a person and adds a bit of character to your kitchen.

Most components of a kitchen are not customizable, and often times many people will go with the same design as what is trending on the market at the moment. This results in many kitchens looking the exact same and having no individualism or character to it. By using kitchen splashbacks, you can customize your kitchen and give it a pop of colour or personality by doing so.

Moreover, if your kitchen feels small, you can use mirrored kitchen splashbacks in order to give the illusion of a bigger space.

They give protection

The wall that is set behind your cooktop is generally made of a material such as plaster and this does not cope well with heat and moisture. Without using kitchen splashbacks, you run the risk of having to replace this wall as over the years the heat and moisture splashes from the cooktop will erode the material away. Furthermore, the plaster will start to absorb the smells from the cooktop, which can lead to discolouration which does not look very good at all.  When using kitchen splashbacks, they will act as the defence against these two factors. They will be the ones taking the heat and the splashes, and they will not absorb the smell. They will also not become discoloured, and will therefore protect the wall behind it from the elements of the cooktop. Moreover, it is important to keep the occupants of the house safe from fire hazards, which can occur if the wall begins to heat up. This is another reason to use kitchen splashbacks, as they will act as the barrier between the wall and the heat and will prevent the wall from heating up and becoming a fire hazard.

It is hygienic

The kitchen should be very clean in any household, and should be devoid of harmful bacteria. When you are cooking for yourself or others, you will want to have a bacteria-free surface. When using kitchen splashbacks, it is very easy to clean and maintain. You simply have to get a towel with soapy water and then wipe it down. This will remove any oily splashes or stains. In doing so, you ensure that your kitchen is clean and odor-free.

In summary, kitchen splashbacks are very beneficial to any kitchen as they keep it hazard-free, hygienic and clean. They can also add character and personality to your kitchen through its customizable colours and designs.

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