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You must have seen many websites on the internet, even the article you are reading now is posted on some website. Would you like to know what goes behind the final product you are looking at now? This article is a basic guide about website hosting and design so you can get some insight into how websites work.

What is Website Hosting and Design?

Website hosting is a service provided by an organization or individual that allows your website to be displayed on the internet. For instance, if you want to make a website, you will contact some web hosting providers. These organizations or businesses will provide you with the technology and services required for your website to be put up on the internet. Websites are stored and hosted on different servers. When an individual types a website name on their browser, the special server connects to it and displays it to the user.

On the other hand, the website design deals with the overall layout of the website. How would the website look, how will it be presented to the users, and the related aspects of user experience? There is a common misconception that website design is related to software development, but it is actually not. It just relates to the experience of the user on the internet. The websites were mostly designed for the desktops in the old days, but since laptops, mobile phones, and tablets have taken over the market, websites are now designed for every medium.

What is Included in Website Hosting and Design?

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There are different website hosting and design elements, but for this article, we will focus on some basic things.

Website Hosting

There are different options available for website hosting, and the website hosting providers have various plans to offer. Consider this thing as your office space. If you need a place to work, you go look for an office space.

Now, what kind of office you require depends on your needs. It could be a shared working space, a small office inside a building, or a large separate one with multiple floors. Similarly, you can choose your website hosting plan for your website. Here are some common types of website hosting services you can use

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, one server is shared with the other clients too, and it is best for small-scale businesses and personal blogs, etc.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS allows you to share the hosting with other clients, but the hosting providers allocate a separate space for your website. This is best if you are a medium-sized business owner and your traffic is growing.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a reliable hosting solution and is suitable for busy websites and heavy traffic. The cloud hosting has multiple servers, so if one server is busy, the traffic is shifted to another one.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name indicates, the dedicated hosting gives you a dedicated server for your website and the ultimate flexibility to host the websites.

Website Design

Website designers usually work on the layout and appearance of a website. Sometimes the websites are designed solely for one gadget but mostly the website designs today cater to both desktops and smartphones.


Layout refers to the categorization and structure of the website content. A good layout gives relevant information to the user without much distraction. Users usually prefer a simple and easy to use layout.


Appearance includes all the aesthetic elements like images, colours, fonts, text styles, etc. These elements make the website look aesthetically pleasing to the user.

The information about website hosting and design is important before you start your online venture. This article tells you the basic stuff you need to know about website hosting and design, but you can always learn more to keep up with the changing trends.   

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