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Have you heard about the latest big craze to hit the collector’s market? The humble beanie boo has become hugely popular amongst kids and adults alike. If you’ve heard them mentioned a lot around the house by your kid then you’re probably wondering what they are and why they’re so popular. At first sight it can admittedly be a little bit difficult to understand the appeal of the beanie boo, with their bright colours and huge eyes, they’re cute don’t seem like much more than animal plush toys for children.

Well, an authentic beanie boo plush will also come with a heart shaped tag from the toy-maker Ty and they all also come with their own name and birth date. They’re a little bit creepy looking with their massive dilated pupils but have become an instant hit with collectors.

What distinguishes them?

Other than the cute heart tag, the hallmark of a beanie boo is that they have super soft fur and big glittery eyes. They’ve become popular amongst children on the playground, becoming a big seller around Christmas time. These cute, plush toys come in a variety of different sizes including regular, medium, large, clip size and extra-large. This means that there’s a lot to collect! You can theoretically get a stuffed plush animal in every size.

Beanie boos are the updated version for modern collectors and children.

So, how do you go about looking after these cute plush toys?

Check the tag

When purchasing one of these toys it’s important that you check the heart tag. Genuine designs will come with the special heart tag. This is where your toys name, date of birth and story are kept. It’s a cute detail and one of the reasons that many people love these toys so much.

Don’t give it a bath

To care for your plush doll make sure you avoid submerging it in water as this will impact on the feel of the fabric and could cause mould or mildew to develop in your beanie boo. If your plush doll needs cleaning, spot clean with a damp cloth as this will prevent it from becoming damaged.

Keep the tags on

A pair of beanie boo

If you’re a collector then you should beware the tags on your plush toy. Toys with the tags still on will be vastly more valuable than the ones missing their tags. To avoid devaluing your precious collective item, make sure you keep the tags on them.

Finding toys you love

There are a lot of options out there for you to choose from. Unlike the bears of the 2000s, these are not just one design! They’re based on a lot of different types of animals which means there’s something to suit almost everyone’s taste. Is your favourite animal cheetah? You’ll find a plush to match with adorable, huge eyes. Do you love elephants? There’s designs you’ll love to choose from in all different sizes. The great thing about these is that there’s so many different designs and sizes to choose from.

Ty toys have been popular since the 90s and for a good reason. Their plush designs excite the imaginations of children and adults alike. Many people love the stories that they tell and have treasured their plush toys for many years. They’re often passed down for many years and many adults who fondly remember the bears now love purchasing the newest iteration for their children.

Have you tried this trend yet? It’s a really fun trend to try and with the newer designs being so affordable, it’s not expensive to get into.

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