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If you are thinking about engaging a provider of skip bins in Illawarra, then you no doubt want to know exactly the kind of items you can take away with this kind of service. Failing to do this could see you wasting time and money with a service that is going to be of little use to you.

The following will take a look at the kind of items you can throw into skip bins in Illawarra.

Old furniture items

One of the most common types of item to be disposed of via skip bins in Illawarra is old pieces of furniture that can’t be resold and are pretty much just trash. Some of these items might include things like old sofas, mattresses and other items like kitchen cabinets that have been taken out for a renovation.

Some furniture items can actually hold a lot of sentimental value and be hard for people to get rid of. Something like a beauty station handed down by mothers of a family to young daughters could be very difficult to throw away, even if it is in a dilapidated state.

Old clothing

old clothes

Another type of item that commonly gets dumped into skip bins in Illawarra is old clothing that is no longer wanted. This could be because children have grown out of a size, someone has gained or lost weight, or someone’s sense of style has simply changed, and they want to get rid of their old wardrobe.

People naturally change their tastes over time so it’s no surprise the old clothes are a commonly found item in skip bins in Illawarra. Before resorting to this, consider donating your old clothes to a humanitarian charity where people who need them can benefit.

Deceased person’s possessions

While it would be harsh to call these items junk, when a person dies a lot of their possessions become redundant and need to be removed. It can be a hassle to try and sell or donate these items, so throwing them all in skip bins in Illawarra can be a quick and easy solution

Another way to deal with this is to hire a rubbish removal service, as they will be able to collect the items and ensure they are donated or recycled properly. This can help to give you peace of mind about not contributing unnecessarily to landfills and reducing your carbon footprint.

In fact, using a rubbish removal service is generally going to be far superior to hiring skip bins in Illawarra. It involves a uniformed team coming to your premises and removing and items that two people can carry and that aren’t dangerous such as asbestos.

This service is going to be quick and affordable for most people and can usually come to your home the same day and get the job done in under an hour. Prices will vary depending on how many items you have and how many people will be required to remove them quickly.

Old electronics

old electronics

Another category of items people commonly throw into skip bins in Illawarra are old electronics that no longer work. People generally wants to sell electronics if they still function as many items, even vintage ones (like retro video game systems) can still be very valuable. Some old video games and music records can be worth thousands depending on their condition and rarity. It’s only natural that you would want to find out the value of these items to people like collectors before you dispose of them via skip bins in Illawarra.

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