It takes years of hard work and dedication to become a certified builder in Australia.

Amid all of the competition that exists in the market, specialists from Mr Scaffold are expected to maneuver around a scaffold design with ease to ensure the company can execute the project on time and within budget.

Accidents become damaging for all parties, slowing down the development and causing physical and financial pain for the operators.

This is where a series of key safety measures have to be instituted to avoid a calamity.

Daily Inspection Scheduled

Independent daily inspections should be the first measure instigated for a scaffold structure. A specialist who understands the key functions and assessing the terrain is paramount, particularly when external factors can threaten the integrity of the item. From severe weather conditions to interference from passers by or native wildlife, it is important that a participant that does not have a conflict of interest over the speed of the development carries out an assessment. When those shortcuts are instituted, oversight becomes commonplace as regular safety concessions are made for the sake of convenience.

Clutter-Free Work Environment

Debris, clutter and work tools can be easily left around a premises by team members who do not do their due diligence. This is where an accident can easily occur on a scaffold, seeing individuals have to maneuver around obstacles and allowing for items to fall from a great height. These items can quickly becomes dangerous hazards if the area is not cleared before work commences.

Guardrails and Harness Access Points


The best tool that a scaffold can utilise for safety purposes is a quality set of guardrails. Falls constitute a large percentage of workplace accidents for builders, electricians and developers. According to the figures offered by SafeWork NSW, no less than 12,000 professionals suffered injuries as the result of a fall between 2014 and 2017, including 240 permanent disabilities and 25 deaths. Once a structure has been erected from a certain height, it will need to adhere to local state laws regarding guardrails to be passed fit for purpose. An additional measure that helps professionals on site is harness access points, maintaining the link between the individual and the safety material to avoid any fatal slips or falls.

Work Under Conservative Load Capacity Guidelines

It is always advisable when engaging a scaffold to remain as distant as possible from the load capacity measurement written for a particular structure. No matter if the structure is designed from wood, metal or steel, or supported by a boom lift or suspended in the air, there will be a load capacity limit that cannot be surpassed. When too many individuals and items are situated on these planks, the development will begin to buckle and eventually collapse. The best strategy in this setting is to set an even more conservative benchmark, even if that means slowing down the project.

Experienced and Trained On Site Operators

One of the best methods that operators can utilise to avoid an accident with a scaffold design is having experienced and trained operators on site. Of course young apprentices have to learn their craft under the tutelage of these specialists, but inexperience in the building industry leads to mistakes and oversight. Without the proper groundwork and understanding of the hazards and dangers that exist in these environments, these contractors can place themselves in danger without being aware of the consequences. The more experience that exists, the great the chance that issues can be red flagged and addressed immediately.


Accidents on worksites can feel unavoidable in some circumstances. Even when team members follow the book there can be a structural fault or a change of weather conditions that threatens the integrity of the scaffold design. Yet there should be no room for excuses and if operators follow these five procedures then they are eliminating many of the common examples where accidents do happen.

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