Money – The core on which everything in this world depends on. There are a few basic things that every person in this world should know to survive. One of those is how to manage his or her finances. Unfortunately a lot of people especially the youngsters are lacking behind when it comes to managing their finances.

Managing your finances properly helps you a lot in the present and also in the future. It does not require for a person to be a mathematical genius to manage the finances properly. The basic knowledge, proper planning, and dedication are all that is required to manage your finances perfectly. Remember that when your finance is managed properly it results in a better lifestyle. Here are few tips to manage your finances properly.


Think and spend


Every penny that you spend matters a lot. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a luxury car or you are buying chocolate. Think before spending. When we say this, people jump into the wrong conclusions. They restrict themselves from spending. That is not what we meant. If buying a luxury car is necessary then go for it. If buying chocolate is not necessary then avoid it. It all burns down to necessity. Postponing your spending can also be considered.

Frame a budget


Many people have this habit of going with the flow. Understand the fact that it is one of the habits that cannot be accepted in finance management. Going with the flow is like the ultimate villain when it comes to managing the finances. Frame a proper budget and stick on to it. For many people framing the budget is not the issue, sticking on to it is the issue. Framing the budget helps to have a clear picture of the expenses that lie ahead.

Restrict yourself

If you are able to predict things when it comes to finance, you will be treated more like a God. But unfortunately, no one has the capability to predict what lies ahead when it comes to expenses. There are few expenses that can be avoided and there are ones that cannot be avoided. So try as much as possible to restrict yourself from the expenses that can be avoided.


Track the spending


This was one of the very difficult tasks. If you are a person, who was born in the 80s or 90 s who might have seen your parents noting down every expense that they make. But times have changed. Just a few clicks on your smart phone shows you the entire expenditure clearly with complete details.  These are not just details. These are data with which you plan your expenses in the future.

Save and Buy, Avoid EMIs

Many say that EMI is a boon. But the truth is that it is a marketing strategy that has worked wonders. Just a small analysis will show you that they are making you buy something that you are not capable of by paying extra amount. It is very simple; if you are not able to afford something don’t buy it. If it is so necessary, save and buy. Don’t get yourself into a monthly commitment.

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