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Have you been thinking of adding an LED mirror to your room décor? Or maybe you’re unsure about choosing them over run-of-the-mill mirrors. Well, this article is for you. We will highlight a few major benefits of these aesthetically pleasing reflective surfaces and why you should get them.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an LED mirror? Is it class, sophistication, elegance, modernity, or minimalism? That was a trick question; you don’t have to answer. The point is, many positive adjectives are used in relation to these lights, already proving that they’re actually worth the hype.

However, if you’re still unsure, here are our top reasons why you should get one.

  • Energy Saving 

An LED mirror is the ultimate energy-saving vanity item. These premium reflective surfaces use light-emitting diode lights. They are more efficient and energy-saving than regular incandescent bulbs.

The light from these mirrors can temporarily replace your passage or bathroom lights, depending on where they are hung. In any of the two scenarios, the mirror still saves electricity. 

  • Aesthetic And Style

An LED mirror will add positive aesthetics to your home. The ambience that these unique reflective surfaces give is unrivalled. 

This is totally dependent on the look and feel you and your interior designer have agreed on. 

We are sure that you can definitely find an LED mirror that would perfectly match the décor of your room, bathroom, or parlour.

  • Customization And Variety 

There are many varieties of LED mirror options to choose from when it comes to these reflective surfaces. You can decide to go for a specific shape or thickness. Maybe even switch up the colours of the light from the usual ambient white. 

This wide variety of options is something that should be leveraged. You get to choose from a wide variety. This way, you’d find something you’d love. 

You may even be able to make up an entirely different custom mirror. This is, however, dependent on the company you’re using. They should be able to make you a fully customized option or at least allow you to make numerous changes across the board.

  • Special Features 

The average LED mirror is custom made, making it easier to have unique features added to them. The owner gets to order these vanity items with many extra capabilities. Some prevalent ones include:

  • Anti-fog: This effect prevents the mirror from giving off the foggy and unclear look it usually gives off. The fogginess usually happens when the mirrors come in contact with hot steam or tiny water droplets.

This is usually solved by installing a special non-reactive sticker on their surfaces. 

  • Extra Storage: There can be additional storage spaces installed with these mirrors.

Hidden latches behind or above can serve as a spot for a little something extra. Creating a bit more space while keeping things hidden at the same time 

  • Motion and Proximity Sensors: These are another great addition to an LED mirror. Sensors are placed closely, allowing the lights to come on when someone approaches and off as the person leaves. 

There are a lot of other features that might be available depending on the company you decide the work with. All you’ve got to do is ask what they’ve got in store for you.

We know an LED mirror can change the look of any room you put it in, and that’s a hill we are willing to die on. We also hope we’ve been able to reasonably explain why we love these fantastic mirrors so much in this article. Hopefully, you’d come to love them too and even get yourself one. Thank you. 

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