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There has usually been a time where residents come across a friend or neighbours property, admire the installation of a new product and wondered: ‘how did they come across this and how did they get such a good deal?’

Yes money will be a key factor, but half the time it is about doing the homework and preparing to pounce at an opportunity that presents itself.

This is true of many items that includes a hot water cylinder system, whether it is a heat pump, an electric outlet, a natural gas utility or a solar panel installation.

Assessing Domestic Hot Water Use & Infrastructure

Before looking outwards to the market for what they have to offer, homeowners have to first assess their own experience with a hot water cylinder system. If this is a brand new property, that can present a clean slate for constituents. For others who are upgrading their domestic outlet, they have to think about their monthly consumption rate, peak and off peak periods as well as home storage requirements and any connections to a mains pressure supply. On average, Australian households will require approximately 50L of hot water per person per day. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it offers a fair guide for those who want to update their current utility.

Ask for Personal Referrals & Recommendations

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There is no substitute for accessing personal referrals when researching the credentials of a hot water cylinder supplier. On the first count, these participants will often be locals who will be shopping from the same market. They will also offer information that is unfiltered and firsthand, giving a detailed perspective that is not incentivised or compromised in any shape or form. These participants can be family members, friends, neighbours or even work colleagues. Tap into their experience and find out – for good or bad – what they believe is genuine value.

Scan The Web for Ratings & Feedback

There can be a reticence in some quarters to avoid online shopping at all costs. While there is too much involved in this project to purchase a hot water cylinder through this method, it is a useful tool when it comes to the community reputation and rating. What are customers saying about the product? What are they saying about the service? Were there issues that were quickly fixed or were consumers left unsatisfied? Was there a wide array of products or were homeowners left to settle for an item that was second best? Running an online check through search engines and social media accounts is where this information is transparently broadcast.

Contacting Suppliers for Quotes

To really do the homework and to be considered an

, residents should reach out for a quote with a hot water cylinder supplier. Once this process has been engaged, it should be repeated across four, five or six outlets, receiving the most information that is possible in the local area. This will detail what items can be installed, how much the product will cost, how long the labour will take, how much the labour will cost and any extra provisions that will be stipulated for the property. Once that information is written on paper, it will be easy to compare and contrast businesses offering a new hot water cylinder system.

Setting a Fair Budget

It is a reasonable exercise to venture out and source a hot water cylinder that fits within a fair budget parameter. Especially with all of those quotes on hand, homeowners can make a dispassionate and objective judgment about what utility can be priced fairly and what types of installations are just too costly. It is worthwhile understanding that some installations will be costly on the front end but more cost-efficient on the back end, and vice versa. This is true of solar brands and gas utilities, offering residents an opportunity to integrate an outlet that will be affordable.

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