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Fostering respectable public relations is crucial to the success of any business, regardless of sector or industry. The way the public perceives could have a demonstrable impact on how well your company fares in the long-term. There are countless examples of real stories where companies tried to inculcate themes of equality, fairness, and social justice into their advertising and promotion, with some emerging more successful than others. If you want your firm to be successful, then PR companies in Melbourne are essential for in-house branding.

A cautionary tale

For example, Gillette endured criticism for a 2019 ad entitled “The Best Men Can Be”, which was designed to address negative masculine behaviors and toxic attributes held by some men in society. Despite good intentions, the advertisement polarised marketing critics and was viciously derided for being accusatory. The ad had a significant impact on Gillette’s financial performance, and the brand was forced to revert to previous advertisement styles, featuring traditionally masculine men. Gillette learned the hard way that corporate social responsibility can be a huge misfire, despite sound intentions.

If you don’t want your company to end up like Gillette, here are several reasons why you should use PR companies in Melbourne to create an authentic and genuine brand image.

Enhance your credibility

Public relations are primarily focused on maintaining a positive and favourable image within the community. Consulting with PR companies in Melbourne will ensure that your company is perceived as credible and genuine. In many respects, this is where Gillette possibly failed. While their advertisement appealed to gender equality and the importance of men respecting women, news emerged that men dominated their own board of directors. It diluted the power of their message, making the company look facetious and disingenuous.

Greater focus on your target market

PR companies in Melbourne can also help you devise marketing strategies and plans to appeal to your specific target market or niche segment. However, it’s not just about attracting your target market to your offerings; it’s also about retaining them and furnishing that ongoing product relationship. This is another aspect of Gillette’s controversial campaign that proved contentious and risky. Effective public relations should be about developing rapport with your clientele – appearing accusatory, condescending or making them uncomfortable is always a risky move. Gillette took this approach, and it backfired hard, with thousands of their customers boycotting the brand.

Minimise reputational damage

A business is only as good as the people inside it. No matter how perfect, equal and compassionate your corporate culture may be, history says at least one person will make a bad mistake at one point. PR companies in Melbourne will strive to minimise the long-term damage of such errors, or when a business needs to rebrand to stay successful. McDonald’s is probably one of the most successful stories of corporate rebranding.

Over the years, McDonald’s has been criticised for

s in the United States. As the criticism evolved, McDonald’s made the intelligent decision of incorporating healthier meal options for weight-conscious consumers and revamped their menu with lower-price snack items. The invention of McCafé in Australia also helped springboard the global entity into a more premium customer sector with a barista-made coffee and café snacks.

Develop long-term success

Finally, PR companies in Melbourne can help you develop long-term financial success. By tapping into a profitable target market and strengthening your appeal with them, the value of your products will skyrocket. Indeed, creating perceived value is at the heart of what PR companies in Melbourne do. They help customers recognise the importance of your products and services, encouraging them to purchase, get involved and spread the word.

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